MW3 Weapon Stats! Which Gun Is Most Powerful?
By admin On 15 Nov, 2011 At 04:05 PM | Categorized As Guns | With 2 Comments
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OK so here we’ve managed to get a hold of the modern warfare 3 weapon stats for every gun within the game! geeky but this is GOLDDUST!

The image below (click to enlarge) tells you how powerful each gun is from short and long distances, how fast it can reload and the amount of bullets shot per second!

We’ll shut up now and let you have a look!

So judging from that… which is your weapon of choice?! ;D

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  1. Norbert says:

    MW3 is the best game i ever playd and the picture with the sats of each wepon is really good.
    I wondr if there are any chits for the game and if there is can you plise e-mail them to me. XD

  2. Steve says:

    If its the best game ever why would you want to cheat it?

    This table is full of discrepancies anyway, some of the guns fire quick but yet it takes longer to kill than another gun, and the bullet damage doesn’t cover it enough.

    Trouble with a table like this is if everyone saw it you would assume will be using an ACR or an MP7, but yet I hardly see either. Ignore the table and try all the guns yourself to find what’s right for you, try them all! tables like this frustrate me.

    Personally I use the M4A1 and the USAS, does me fine.

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